How to Screenshot an Entire Website

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Finally, you don't have to go page by page to get full picture of your website. SitemapBot does this for you.

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Full picture of your website

Why SitemapBot?

We've created SitemapBot because we needed a tool that would allow us to generate screenshots of all website pages.

See sample snapshot
  • 1

    Keep history of website changes

    Your website is being updated all the time. Sometimes it's good to keep history of all changes, for example if you want to see how your website evolved over time

  • 2

    Website migrations

    Compare new website vs old. See differences in design. How both websites render on mobile. Spot missing or broken pages.

  • 3

    Render all pages in mobile view

    How all pages look on mobile?

Easy to use

Fast and reliable

SitemapBot generates full sitemap.xml and then screenshots every page.

Renders Javascript

Full rendered pages - works with client & server rendered websites.

Download all screenshots

You can download all screenshots as one, compressed .zip archive.